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Top 3 Snoring Myths

Nearly everyone has had a sleepless night frustrated because of someone else’s snoring. It could’ve been a roommate, close friend, family member, significant other, or maybe the person you had to share a room with on that trip abroad in college. Or perhaps you snore, and you’ve had the painful moment of being told just how loud you were all night long.

Snoring is loud but the issue is silent. Many don’t talk openly about their snoring due to embarrassment or stigma. Because of this, there are many myths about snoring. We are here to bust those myths once and for all.

Myth One: Snoring is harmless.

Many think snoring is annoying but ultimately harmless. This is absolutely not true. Snoring is a sign of a much more serious disorder called sleep apnea. In fact, 70% of snoring cases are linked to sleep apnea. This means that seven out of ten snorers also have sleep apnea. This disorder, if untreated, can lead to a variety of health complications such as stroke, cardiovascular issues, and heart attack. Not to mention, those with sleep apnea wake up multiple times in the night because they can’t breathe. This results in poor sleep and performance during the day.

Myth Two: Only Men Snore

While men are more likely to snore due to anatomical and physiological reasons, it is not just a men’s issue. Women snore too. Aging, weight, and lifestyle are all factors that can contribute to snoring. Even though women aren’t as likely to snore, they make up a sizable percentage of the snoring population. Women are also less likely to admit to snoring as they age. The women who do snore are actually at a higher risk of cardiovascular and heart problems then men who snore.

Myth Three: Snoring is Not Treatable

This is out favorite myth to debunk. When people think of “treating snoring”, they say it’s impossible. If they have been around the block, they know about those annoying nose strips and mouth guards that no one wants to deal with every night especially while traveling. There is another way, a better way. With the cutting-edge laser technology that now exists, there is a noninvasive alternative called Nightlase. This painless treatment consists of three sessions lasting about 15 minutes each. During this treatment, a laser is used to stimulate the collagen in the tissue of the throat. The tissue tightens and retracts allowing air to pass through the airway easily and freely. One session reduces snoring by 45% and most see a reduction of 68% after the second session. Patients of Nightlase say the difference after treatment is night and day.  

Now that these snoring myths have been busted, it is time to face the facts. Snoring is serious and affects both men and women. Snoring does not have to be a lifelong struggle. Contact us to learn more about Nightlase and find out if you’re a candidate for this life-changing treatment.