What our patients have to say about their results

People say I look several years younger after the photo facial

"I would like to say how happy I am with the results of my recent photo facial. As an Arizona native I have quite a bit of sun damage on my face. I have tried many creams and lotions with minimal effect.

I underwent the photofacial which took only a few minutes and was done carefully and professionally by the laser technicians. Within a few days I could already see the sun damaged areas being treated. A few days after that much of this area washed off and my face now looks great and I have been told I look several years younger. I would highly recommend the photofacial and renew stem cell and laser as your go to clinic for this procedure.”

~ Matt S.

Professionalism, knowledge, courtesy and kindness

Many, many kudos to Dr. Wilson and Jennifer for their never ceasing professionalism, knowledge, courtesy, kindness and encouragement they give to me when I go in for office visits. They have adapted their schedules to meet my needs - sometimes with short notice. They have an unlimited supply of patience and willingly put up with me! So many SMILES. I love smiles, and they give me lots of them. I recommend them highly.

~ Diane Y.

I feel totally RENEWED

I had an exquisite experience at Renew facility with a high quality and a newest technology laser treatments. Jennifer, a laser technician is very skilled, knowledgeable and informative regarding all procedures. With her kind and gentle touch I feel totally RENEWED. I strongly recommend to everyone to try a laser treatment in the order to improve well being and youthful look. Thank you.

~ Grace W.

I get compliments on how great my skin looks!

Jennifer, the senior director and laser technician at Renew, performed 2 photo facials on me and a peel laser. Before my first photo facial I never left the house without wearing full coverage foundation. And I mean never, not even on a lazy day. Now I hardly ever wear any foundation anymore and I get compliments on how great my skin looks!

The texture of my skin is smoother and my sun spots and pigmentation have decreased so much I now feel comfortable just wearing sunscreen and concealer. The procedure itself took about 10 – 20 minutes, depending on your comfort level and if you can handle one or two passes of the laser going over your face. I felt safe in Jennifer’s hands. It is apparent she is very knowledgeable and passionate about the industry and she kept checking in with me to make sure I was doing ok.

The light flashes of the laser on your face are a little startling at first but once you know what to expect and how quick the procedure is, it is manageable. The healing process took about a full week (including mild peeling). The key piece is to start using sun screen religiously!

~ Renate F.

I will continue to put my trust in Jenn. She loves what she does and it shows!!

I have pretty bad hyperpigmentation. I also have really sensitive skin. Jenn was absolutely amazing. She observed my skin and talked with me about her recommendation.

My first IPL treatment, she decided to use the lowest setting to make sure my skin didn’t have a negative reaction like I’ve had in the past with other treatments (done elsewhere). After completing my 1st treatment, my skin took it very well and we decided to proceed with a 2nd treatment 4 weeks later using a higher setting. I will continue to put my trust in Jenn. She loves what she does and it shows!!

~Felicia G.

I highly recommend Dr. Wilson and Jennifer

I can’t begin to to express how thrilled I am to have found Dr. Deborah Wilson M. D. And her wonderful Senior Director and Laser Technician Jennifer Ralph at RENEW STEM CELL & LASER!

I just turned 54 and have been battling the dreaded thick man hair whiskers on my face and chin and was loosing the battle quickly!  I know I was ending up spending way too much time every morning in front of my 15x magnifying mirror playing toggle war and plucking stubborn whiskers!

Sharing this with Dr. Wilson during my scheduled woman exam, she told me about the laser treatments she offers. I was so excited I could hardly wait for my appointment! The morning after my first laser facial hair removal treatment, I grabbed my coffee and my 15x mirror mindlessly like I’ve become accustomed to and proceeded into the bathroom to begin my usual dreaded morning plucking routine.

I sat there and stared into the mirror, I reached up with my fingers and moved them across my chin and face, there was NO hair! I sat there feeling almost shocked and was so very pleasantly surprised that for the first time in I truly do not know how long it’s been since my chin and face felt as smooth as a baby’s bottom!

I called Jennifer immediately and asked her if this was normal and how absolutely beyond thrilled I was with the results from my first treatment. It does take more than one treatment but with each one the hairs are fewer and fewer, less thick and with 4 sessions now I am almost 100% chin/whisker, facial hair FREE and I couldn’t be more thrilled!

RENEW also offers laser spider vein removal! YES the same wonderful laser that battled my facial hair also destroys all the little spider veins on my legs! I’ve gone through two of those sessions so far and I am just as thrilled and satisfied with the results on my legs! I am actually going to feel confident again next summer when wearing shorts, something I have not felt for many years now.

I highly recommend Dr. Wilson and Jennifer and the services they provide. I also feel very blessed to have the chance to continue to get to know them as they are both very amazing, wonderful, caring Ladies!

~ Carolyn B.