Attractions In Carefree AZ

Carefree is a small upscale town in Maricopa County AZ that was conceived by business partners K. T. Palmer and Tom Darlington. It was founded as a master-planned community in the mid-1950s and incorporated in 1984. According to the 2010 United States Census, Carefree AZ has a population of fewer than 3,500 people. The small size of the town and its little population does not mean that you cannot have fun here. The town has more than enough amenities and attractions for residents and visiting tourists. There are many fun attractions that you can visit in Carefree AZ starting with the following:

Carefree Desert Gardens

The Carefree Desert Gardens are located in downtown Carefree AZ along Easy Street. This is one of only two botanical gardens that are found in the area. You will be pleasantly surprised by this unexpected oasis in the Arizona desert. The gardens feature a variety of native plants, beautiful sculptures, and breathtaking fountains. There are many interesting plants in the botanical gardens and unique cactuses and you will learn all about them. This is a great place to take a stroll and also to take a photo while on tour in Carefree AZ. You will also have a lot of fun at the Kiwanis Splash Park. The famous Carefree Sundial is located on the East side of the gardens. The gardens are open throughout the year.

Boulders Resort Golf Club 

The main attraction in all towns and cities in Maricopa County AZ is the lush golf courses. Many people visit these towns and cities to play golf in the many golf resorts in the County. In Carefree AZ, we have the Boulders Resort Golf Club. The resort is tucked away among huge granite rock formations. It’s a luxurious spa that doubles up as a golf resort. There are two championship golf courses in the resort. The good news is that you do not have to be a member of the Boulders Resort Golf Club to play golf there. You can just get a non-resident membership to enjoy all the amenities in this lovely resort. 

Enchanted Pumpkin Garden 

The Carefree Desert Garden is open throughout the year but the best time to visit it is the week just before Halloween. At this time, the garden is transformed into an enchanted fall wonderland. Unique and spooky pumpkins are displayed throughout the garden and aligned with the surrounding environment to create a really scary ambiance. They also feature hay bales, scarecrows, and other scary Halloween decorations. You get the chance to choose a pumpkin and even to learn how to carve it from a pumpkin carving artist. There are many other fun events during the week including the pumpkin pie eating contest. 

Carefree Art Galleries

There are many art galleries in Carefree AZ. These are the perfect places to spend your time if you want to appreciate the art and culture in this beautiful town. Some of the art galleries that you can visit include Zischke Gallery, M & E Stoyanov Fine Art Gallery, Easy Street Galleria, Ted Phillip Denton Contemporary Art, Wild Holly Gallery, Grey Wolf Fine Art Gallery, and Art Qwest. Each art gallery features artwork from different artists with different styles and mediums. 


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