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LipLase vs. Injectables


Fuller, plumper lips have been all the rage in the beauty world the past couple of years. Those who want a fuller pout usually turn to injectables. Juvéderm and Restylane are the two most popular dermal fillers on the market. But what about those that don’t want to undergo injections for fuller lips?

LipLase is a great alternative to injectables for fuller lips. LipLase is a non-invasive treatment that achieves fuller, smoother lips with a laser as opposed to an injection. The results from this treatment option are more subtle and natural as the collagen in your lips is stimulated and rejuvenated.

The way lip fillers work is with an injection to the lips. Upon injection, the lips immediately become visibly fuller. The filler, however, breaks down over time and is metabolized. This means that results only last four to six months. Many love the results from their fillers but find it difficult and costly to keep up with every four to six months.

LipLase takes the opposite approach. Instead of injecting a formula into the skin, a laser is used to stimulate and promote the body’s natural collagen production. During and immediately after the treatment, results are not be visibly present. But over the course of the four to six months following treatment, the lips will become fuller and smoother.

Though some love fillers, LipLase is a more natural alternative for those wanting rejuvenated lips without injections.