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Is Snoring Harmful?


Snoring may seem like that annoying thing your partner does that keeps you up all night or your embarrassing flaw that you hate to admit. But is snoring harmful or unhealthy? The answer will surprise you!

The truth is snoring can be harmful to your health in more ways than one. In 7 out of 10 snoring cases, sleep apnea is present. Sleep apnea is a more serious and potentially harmful condition where the airway is obstructed and one has trouble breathing at night. This causes you to wake up multiple times throughout the night to breathe disrupting your REM cycles.

Not only does sleep apnea prevent you from getting your best night’s sleep, it causes serious health problems down the road. It can lead to stroke, heart problems, and other issues.

The majority of sleep apnea cases go undiagnosed and untreated. Diagnosing your sleep apnea is an important step in the right direction. Snoring is a key indication of sleep apnea so if you snore, it is important to find out if it is linked to sleep apnea.

The good news is that treating snoring and sleep apnea has never been easier. Today’s technology can treat snoring and sleep apnea in a matter of three easy treatments of NightLase. NightLase is performed with a laser that stimulates the tissue in the throat and opens the airway so you can breathe. To learn more about this treatment, call us and book your FREE consultation today.