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What Can Be Done About Thinning Hair?

Aging generally causes everyone to lose hair on his or her head. This can be one of the most disturbing cosmetic aspects of aging. There are many treatment options out there, from laser caps to oral medication to creams that are rubbed into the scalp. The truth is that in most cases the hair follicles are still present, they are simply dormant.

At Renew, we offer stem cell microneedling of the scalp followed by multiple treatments with PRP, or platelet rich plasma, in order to effect hair growth. We also offer Fotona laser treatments to the scalp — once weekly for 8 weeks. The pictures below demonstrate the amazing results that can be achieved with the Fotona. We suggest using a laser cap in between treatments to stimulate the follicles that have been re-awakened.

Our results have been noticeably positive. Hair grows slowly, so patience is necessary, but in the end, our patients have been happy with the results. Call Jenn at 480-869-4666 for more information.