BBL / Photofacial therapy Correct Age Spots, Redness, and More with the Power of Light BBL BroadBand Light therapy, also known as Intense Pulsed Light therapy or the photo facial, uses cutting edge technology to produce younger looking skin that’s firmer and more even in tone and texture. With little recovery time and no surgery, BBL offers a safe, FDA-cleared option for sun damage, anti-aging, and skin rejuvenation. BBL / Photofacial Therapy removes age spots, freckles, redness, small vessels and more. It can also be used to firm skin and improve uneven skin texture. All areas of the body can be treated. Fotona 4D – Non-invasive laser facelift The Natural, Rejuvenating Face Lift with No Surgery, No Downtime, & Immediate Results Fotona 4D is a series of synergistic, non-invasive laser treatments of both the exterior facial and interior oral cavity, enabling full thickness contraction of collagen for persistent tightening and volumization without injectables. With two laser wavelengths and four treatment modes, antiaging is comprehensively approached from 4 different levels, working on deeper, medial, and superficial connective structures of the skin, as well as targeting imperfections. Most patients see immediate results, with the complete result taking place gradually over a time period of 2-3 months.