Top 3 Snoring Myths
May 16, 2019

Celebrities with Sleep Apnea

Do you suffer from sleep apnea or know of anyone who does? Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) is a serious condition that causes a blockage in the airway during sleep. This blockage stops breathing multiple times throughout the night and results in low energy, poor sleep, and number of other health risks.

Rest assured, you are not alone. Over 22 million Americans suffer from sleep apnea. Of these 22 million, a number of celebrities and public figures have been diagnosed with sleep apnea. Do you recognize anyone on this list?

Shaquille O’Neal – Former Basketball Player

Shaq participated in a sleep study at Harvard Medical School’s Division of Sleep Medicine where he was diagnosed with sleep apnea. He has also made efforts towards raising sleep apnea awareness.

Amy Poehler – Actress & Comedian

Amy has spoken publicly and in interviews about her snoring and sleep apnea condition. She even jokes about how loud she snores and her CPAP machine.

Tony Robbins – Life Coach & Author

Tony Robbins mentioned his sleep apnea diagnosis in one of his seminars. He also made a few jokes about having to travel with his “sexy” CPAP device.

Randy Jackson – Music & TV Personality

Randy Jackson has opened up about his sleep apnea and Type 2 diabetes diagnosis in recent years. He has turned to a healthier lifestyle and sleep apnea treatment since.

Rosie O’Donnell – Actress & Comedian

Rosie O’Donnell discovered she had sleep apnea from a home sleep test and has sought treatment through a CPAP machine.

Regis Philbin – TV Personality

Regis found out he had sleep apnea after suffering from years of unrestful sleep. He even opened up about his snoring and the impact it had on his wife’s sleep.

Arianna Huffington – Author & Businesswoman

Arianna Huffington also discovered she has sleep apnea and has published multiple articles and a book on the subject. Her and Dr. Oz even rode around in an Uber and interviewed random people about their sleep to raise awareness.

Brett Favre – Former NFL Quarterback

Brett Favre’s sleep apnea condition is one of the main reasons behind his retiring from the NFL. He spoke about his condition and the unfortunate impact it made on his energy, career, and performance.

Antonin Scalia – Former Supreme Court Justice

Antonin Scalia suffered from sleep apnea as well as a number of sleep apnea related health issues. He used a CPAP machine and it is suspected that his sleep apnea contributed to his passing.

Nearly 80% of people with sleep apnea never get diagnosed and treated. Living with untreated sleep apnea can be life-threatening and lead to serious health complications such as diabetes, heart issues, and stroke.

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