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As Scottsdale’s top choice for a medical spa, our professionals are highly qualified and experienced in offering a range of services, from skin tightening to lip plumping to hair regeneration. Using a number of treatments such as lasers and stem cell therapy, our medical spa offers everything you could need for your most confident, renewed self. The one constant is this: all of our treatments are non-surgical, so you can bounce back to your busy life after a relaxing, rejuvenating trip to your local Scottsdale medical spa.

Renew’s Medical Spa Services

We pride ourselves on offering an extensive selection of medical spa treatments, each chosen and perfected with our patients like you in mind. Our services and treatments include the following:
  • Snoring and Sleep Apnea Treatment. If snoring is keeping you and your partner up at night, it may be because of sleep apnea. In fact, 70% of all snoring is linked to sleep apnea. Renew offers NightLase: a non-invasive alternative to surgery, CPAP, and snoring devices. It only takes three sessions, and works by opening your airways so you can breathe deeply in your sleep without risk of snoring or obstruction. After just one session, snoring can be reduced by up to 45%
  • TightSculpt and Skin Tightening. Our medical spa also focuses on destroying fat and tightening skin with our TightSculpt treatment. Using a laser, we will painlessly destroy fat cells in the areas that just can’t seem to tone despite your best attempts at dieting and working out. Your bikini body will be ready year-round at Scottsdale’s pools. 
  • Laser Hair Removal. Rather than wasting time with waxing, shaving, and tweezing, invest in a laser hair removal session for anywhere it’s needed: on your face or on your body. Hair growth decreases dramatically, so you only need a few sessions to stay on top of it. 
  • Spider Vein Removal. Whether caused by pregnancy, aging, or other health factors, many women wish they could get rid of the spider veins on their legs and face. But, our medical spa now offers laser spider vein removal, which means no more compression socks, injections, or thoughts of surgery. Our easy and painless technique targets the veins with a laser, which causes them to collapse and disappear. 
  • Scar and Lesion Removal. No more feeling self-conscious about spots, scars, moles, and lesions that cover up your beautiful skin. Our laser skin treatments act as erasers, helping you expose your most glowing skin underneath.
  • BBL Photofacial Therapy. This is for the ones who want a youth serum - our photofacial treatment makes you look years younger, thanks to its removal of age spots, freckles, and redness while also firming the skin. 
  • Fontana 4D Non-Surgical Facelift. All the benefits of a facelift with none of the downsides of surgery. This state of the art technology tightens collagen, creating an immediate effect that continues to improve with time.
  • Acne and Wrinkle Removal. There’s no need to invest a fortune in the best wrinkle creams or facial products. Our medical spa offers advanced methods to erase both wrinkles and acne, so your glowing skin can show.
  • Laser Lip Augmentation. Many of us wish for larger lips, but don’t want to endure the injections necessary to achieve them. Our medical spa features a laser procedure that painlessly stimulates tissue growth in your lips, so you can achieve that enviable pout without the needles.
  • Hydro Oxygen Facial. Especially in Scottsdale’s dry desert heat, our faces can use a pick-me-up. Drop in for our facial treatment that cleanses, exfoliates, and hydrates, while you lay back and relax.
  • Stem Cell Therapy. Of all the treatments we offer at our medical spa, Stem Cell therapy has been the most talked about in recent years, otherwise referred to as ‘regenerative medicine.’ The injections help your body repair and heal itself, and our patients visit us for help with pain management, sports recovery, hair regeneration, arthritis relief, and more.
  • Sexual Health Treatments. As a medical spa, we incorporate medical elements into many of our treatments. We offer vaginal rejuvenation and incontinence therapy, which is all non-surgical, but repairs damaged tissues and cells that could hinder sexual function.
  • Hair Regeneration. If you’re balding prematurely or growing frustrated with thinning hair, our stem cell therapy treatments awaken hair follicles to restore hair growth.

Renew’s Expert Team of Renowned Med Spa Doctors

  Our team is led by Dr. Deborah Wilson, our medical director, who has been honored for her excellence in gynecology for ten years in the Phoenix Magazine. Because we specialize in offering sexual health treatments for womens’ confidence and pleasure, Dr. Wilson’s impressive gynecological background aids in our services, and many of our female patients rely on her expertise. Our other medical director, Dr. Matthew J. Seidel, specializes in stem cell therapy and regenerative medicine and has his own growing practice. He is especially passionate about stem cell therapy’s ramifications for arthritis. Kerry Phelps, Renew Medical Spa’s CEO & President is a board certified laser technician. In addition to his business savvy that has led him to own many unique businesses, he is excited about advancements in stem cell research and skin care laser treatments. Finally, Jennifer Ralph, our senior director and certified laser technician brings over a decade of experience in cosmetic procedures, services, and products. Our team’s years of experience and passion for stem cell therapy, laser treatment, and customer satisfaction is what keeps our clients and patients coming back regularly. Laser and Stem Cell Medical Spa Testimonials Nothing makes us happier than seeing how our treatments positively impact the lives of our patients. Here are just a few of our favorite testimonials. “I underwent the photofacial which took only a few minutes and was done carefully and professionally by the laser technicians. Within a few days I could already see the sun damaged areas being treated. A few days after that much of this area washed off and my face now looks great and I have been told I look several years younger.” - Matt S. “The same wonderful laser that battled my facial hair also destroys all the little spider veins on my legs! I’ve gone through two of those sessions so far and I am just as thrilled and satisfied with the results on my legs! I am actually going to feel confident again next summer when wearing shorts, something I have not felt for many years now.” - Carolyn B. “Jennifer, the senior director and laser technician at Renew, performed 2 photo facials on me and a peel laser. Before my first photo facial I never left the house without wearing full coverage foundation. And I mean never, not even on a lazy day. Now I hardly ever wear any foundation anymore and I get compliments on how great my skin looks!” - Renate F.  

Our Medical Spa Products

  We also offer skincare products to accelerate your treatment at home. We work with the ALASTIN Skincare line as an accompaniment to our treatments, because it not only prepares your skin, but enhances the healing process to achieve the best procedure result. We chose ALASTIN Skincare because it’s designed to support the skin’s regenerative processes, leaving your skin feeling refreshed, soft, and utterly renewed. If you’re considering getting a treatment soon, we recommend coming in to Renew Medical Spa to meet our team and get a consultation to see which ALASTIN Skincare products are good as a starting point for you. Book an Appointment at our Scottsdale Medical Spa Today It’s our passion to serve the Scottsdale community through laser treatments, stem cell regenerative therapy, and all of our relaxing yet empowering medical spa treatments. You can schedule a free consult or your first appointment online, or give us a call at 480-869-4666. We know that if it’s your first time undergoing a medical spa treatment it can seem intimidating, but we will walk you through all you need to know and exactly what to expect based on your treatment, as well as make the proper recommendations depending on what it is you need help with - may it be snoring, aging, acne, dry skin - you name it! We look forward to helping you RENEW! View Our Service Areas


  • Jason Krause
    Absolutely wonderful experience! I've never done anything like this and Jennifer made me feel so comfortable and at ease! I had a photo-facial and a laser peel done, I was amazed how the dark spots lifted up so quickly and the laser treatment brought back a youthful look and feel. Kinda can't wait for more dark spots and wrinkles to pop up so I can go back! Lol
    Jason Krause
  • Michael Murray
    Phenomenal experience with BBL / Photofacial therapy. Took at least 20 years off my appearance (I am 60). Fantastic process at Renew. Highly recommend this facility for any service they provice.
    Michael Murray
  • Matt S.
    I would like to say how happy I am with the results of my recent photo face now looks great and I have been told I look several years younger.
    Matt S.
  • Grace W.
    I feel totally renewed. I strongly recommend to everyone to try a laser treatment in order to improve well being and a youthful look.
    Grace W.
  • Carolyn B.
    Renew also offers laser spider vein removal! I’ve gone through two of those sessions so far and I am just as thrilled and satisfied with the results on my legs! I am actually going to feel confident again next summer when wearing shorts, something I have not felt for many years now.
    Carolyn B.

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